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Extreme Ride

Not for the faint hearted. Pre-requisites: regular ICE II training.


I.C.E. I / II / III

Indoor Cycling Experience (I.C.E.) I

Highly recommended for those who want a solid foundation in bike set-up & cycling technique. A high energy workout, this indoor cycling workout is paced with light and music settings to create a vibrant atmosphere.


Push your limits and get intense through warm-up, sprints, climbs and cool-down segments , with changing body positions, pedal speed and resistance.


Indoor Cycling Experience (I.C.E.) II

This programme has proven to be one of the most well-received fat-loss programmes thus far! Simple yet hyper-challenging!


Indoor Cycling Experience (I.C.E.) III

Expectations from participants as well as instructors alike are astronomical! Must have had regular training with Spin II to attempt this class.


ICE Attack

Embark on an exciting journey in ICE Attack, which effectively simulates terrain cycling, over hills, sprinting through a plateau and more. In this 60-min class, you can expect to tone up and burn calories at the same time.


ICE Circuit

Looking to work the entire body in just 60 minutes? Look no further than ICE Circuit - it combines both cardio and resistance training, involving a series of exercises with your upper body while on the bike. This includes push-ups, light weight-lifting and the usage of resistance bands. After just 45 minutes, you would have worked every muscle group in your body and your heartbeat is elevated. 


ICE Mania

Suitable for experienced indoor cyclists, this 60-min spinning class includes HIIT-style training to give you a full-body workout and activates the muscles in every part of your body. The focus of the class is on developing good techniques and posture under varied resistance levels and cadence speed (pedaling rate). With strong discipline, not only will you achieve better fitness level, but also build stamina, endurance and strength.


Interval Ride

Experienced indoor cyclists will get the most out of this programme. Improves fitness and performance in a much shorter time.


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