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A Whole New Levitating Experience with Aerial Yoga

Arguably one of the hottest yoga trends in town, Aerial Yoga or some call it Anti-Gravity Yoga, is a modern adaptation of traditional yoga facilitated with the support of a hammock that keeps you suspended in the air. It is a combination of yoga with pilates, aerial arts and suspension training.

While it was introduced by fitness practitioners in New York about ten years back, Aerial Yoga only started trending in recent years. The idea of being suspended in air and moving like a trapeze artist in circus is simply fascinating for many yoga enthusiasts.

Poses can range from simple ones done sitting on the hammock to more challenging ones that gets you into an inversion. Considered as a total body workout, you are required to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilise yourself against the pull of gravity. Suspension also allows your spine to lengthen, and eases tension in your spinal cord and hip joint, which helps alleviate backaches.

Aerial Yoga is available at Viva Business Park.
Please check out the class schedule here.


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