Past Events & Workshops

Fab New Age With GOLD 90FM

24 October 2009 - 16 October 2010

In partnership with Gold 90FM, the True Group organized a series of workshops held at True Fitness and True Yoga centres. Targeted at listeners aged 40 and above, Fab New Age aimed to help seniors adopt a healthier lifestyle through a string of exciting workouts for their age group - Because it's never too late to get fit and healthy!




Zumba® 16 October 2010
With a mix of dance styles such as the Salsa, Mambo, Flamenco, Chachacha, Samba and more, participants had a good time practising their best moves in a session of Zumba®! Much like a night out dancing with pals, participants definitely had fun at this dance work out while burning those calories!



Wing Chun 4 September 2010
The martial art that gave Bruce Lee his legendary form and made Ip Man famous, participants who attended this workshop picked up a few effective moves! Simple yet powerful punches and kicks were exchanged in a friendly manner at this Wing Chun group exercise class, where reflexes were sharpened coupled with a great total body workout as well!




Body Balance   24 April 2010
An integration of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, flexibility and core training with uplifting and inspirational music, Body Balance is great for body and mind conditioning. With controlled breathing, concentration, strength and stability through a carefully structured series of moves, attendees experienced a holistic workout which brought them into a state of harmony and balance.




Kryoga 20 March 2010
A unique system of yoga created by Master Kamal, Kryoga is a combination of martial arts techniques and yoga postures. At this Fab New Age workshop, Gold 90Fm listeners learnt how to relax and focus on themselves
through this contemporary form of yoga.




Bollywood Fusion 23 January 2010
Fab New Age kicked off the brand new year Bollywood Fusion Style! At this workshop, participants reaped the benefits of an improved cardiovascular system, increased stamina and vitality as they danced to the tunes of Bollywood music! Listeners got to work out their whole body including their hips, feet, and even their hands!




Belly Dancing 21 November 2009
The second Fab New Age workshop had participants moving their hips to the beat! Belly Dancing – an ancient form of dance from India and the Middle East – can help improve muscle tone around the abdomen region, increase flexibility and stamina. Gold 90Fm listeners who came for this workshop had lots of fun shaking their hips in this low impact exercise class!




Hot Yoga 24 October 2009
To launch the Fab New Age collaboration, True Yoga first heated things up with Hot Yoga! Participants tried out a series of yoga poses in a heated room up to 38°C. Hot Yogapromotes detoxification, increases flexibility & energy levels, and even promotes weight loss! The listeners certainly walked away completely rejuvenated from head to toe!