Past Events & Workshops


18 September 2010



It was a battle of the sexes at the Adidas Fluid Trainer Flexibility Face-Off!


Held at True Fitness Suntec City on Saturday 18 September, male and female participants pitted against each other to determine the most versatile gym-workout team. To kick off the challenge, True Fitness instructors held quick warm-up and stretching exercises for the teams. The fitness centre was abuzz with excitement as the teams started up the challenge at four fitness stations.


At Station 1, two participants from each team put their fancy footwork to good use in the Skipping Challenge! The task: To skip for the longest duration without tripping on the rope! It was indeed a fun challenge for the teams as they tried their best not to lose their footing!  Then, the teams put their abdominal and arm muscles to the test in the Sit-up / Push-Up Challenge at Station 2! Each team sent four participants to chalk up the most number of sit-ups and push-ups in 1 minute.


At Station 3, the teams ‘stepped-up’ to the challenge – literally! Team members battled it out on steppers to see which team could go the longest total distance in 5 minutes.  Finally, participants put their speed and stamina to the test at Station 4, where each team tried to outrun each other on the treadmill in 5 minutes. Not for the faint hearted, but cheers from their teams kept the participants going!


Amidst ‘live’ radio reports by Class 95 DJs Glenn Ong and Carol, exciting prizes from Adidas and a special sale on Adidas Fluid Trainers, it was a fun-tastic way to spend the weekend!