Past Events & Workshops

Shape Up! Workshop with CLARINS

18 May 2013 - 19 May 2013


True Fitness was the strategic partner of Clarin’s launch of Body Lift Cellulite Control – made from an improved formula of its previous best-selling product High Definition Body Lift. To demonstrate the results of exercise combined with the body toning products, True Fitness conducted a Shape Up! workshop over the weekend for Clarins and True Fitness members at NTUC Income Tampines Junction.


The Shape Up! workshop began with a Clarins BodyChat introducing the new body toning product. Participants also learnt unique product application techniques from Clarins experts who demonstrated the right sequence and application methods of Clarins body products. Common body issues such as stubborn fat and challenges in slimming down the lower body were also discussed, and True Fitness instructor Calvin conducted an effective combination of lower body workout for the participants that day comprising of skipping and core exercises.


After a quick warm up, participants picked up their jump ropes and our True Fitness instructor took them through a series of skipping drills that kept them at an optimum heart rate for a powerful 20 minute cardiovascular workout. A series of core training exercises followed next, as participants challenged their core muscles that toned up their abdominal, glutes and back. The workout session ended with yoga stretches as part of the cool down segment.


At the end of the workshop, participants experienced the effective combination of exercise in complement to body care products, especially with helpful tips on training their core muscles and lower body to achieve a slim and healthy silhouette.