Past Events & Workshops

Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2015

03 March 2015

More than 3700 participants proved their mettle as they took part in the 2015 Men’s Health Urbanathlon held at Kallang Practice Track on 1 March 2015.

The gruelling 14 km course featured nine obstacles, with the inclusion of 3 new obstacles. It also included a Mystery Obstacle which required competitors to climb up to a six-metre structure and jump off from a two-storey height to end the race. Urbanathletes dug deep into their physical and mental reserves to conquer these challenges.














Above images credited to Men's Health Facebook Page

True Fitness was proud to be the official sponsor of this event and was given branding opportunities for one of their obstacles- BALANCE SHEET. Participants had to balance themselves on a sloping beam that was only 4-inch wide and make their way across next sets of beams of different heights. This was a true test of their overall balance and coordination.


Our brand ambassador, Paul Foster, together with some of our Personal Trainers, took part in this year’s event. At the end of this 6th edition event, every participant, both men and women emerged victorious in their own standards having tested on their endurance, strength and stamina to complete the event.