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5 gadgets fit for your fitness lifestyle

5 gadgets fit for your fitness lifestyle

As fitness activities become more popular, newer and cooler gadgets have emerged in the market. Each promises to take our workout to the next level. Here we check out five fitness wearables that can improve your next workout.


Fitbit Blaze

For a workout on-the-go
Smartwatch and fitness tracker combined, the Fitbit Blaze is the busy professional’s best gym buddy. Using its touchscreen display, you can make calls, text, and receive calendar alerts. This stylish wearable also comes with FitStar, a built-in fitness subscription service that gives you step-by-step workouts onscreen. Together with its heart-rate monitor, you can get real-time feedback on your workout session. 

Lumo Run

For real-time coaching on your running form
How about a tracker that runs with you? Lumo Run is a powerful sensor to be placed in the shorts or capri’s lining. With lab-grade biomechanics that measure cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic drop and rotation, the Lumo Run provides real-time audio feedback and coaching tips on how to improve your running form. Pair the sensor with the Lumo Run app which recommends exercises suited for your running form and strength. 


For those who lift
Amp up your weight-lifting with the Beast in the gym. Worn on your wrist, on your body or stuck on a weight-training machine, the Beast sensor tracks your lifting performance through a series of motion sensors. Data including reps, intensity, strength and explosiveness are relayed in real-time to your smartphone or tablet so you can review your performance and improve your training by adjusting load sets or number of reps. 


For a healthier and fitter ride.
Tracking your performance while cycling might prove to be distracting. Here is where the Sportiiii Head-Up Display comes in handy, or hands-free, even if you are on a stationary exercise bike. Simply mount the Sportiiii on your eyewear and you can focus on cycling, as you receive feedback on heart rate, speed, pace, cadence and power via the Sportiiii’s coloured LEDs and audio prompts. 

Gymwatch Sensor

For improving your form
If you are a stickler for good form, the Gymwatch Sensor is the ideal gadget to, well, watch your form. Worn anywhere on your body while working out, it measures strength and motion when you exercise using free weights, machines or bodyweight. The Gymwatch detects incorrect moves and through an accompanying app, provides instant audio feedback to help you adjust your posture, grip and pace accordingly. 
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5 gadgets fit for your fitness lifestyle

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