True Fitness

Rules & Etiquette

Like any public place one, etiquette comprises of considerate behavior and rules. Some are ‘unwritten’ so we have compiled a short guide of the do’s and don’ts to remind everyone.

A. Centres Rules & Regulations​

  1. Club Check In: All members must present their True Fitness membership card to gain entry and check in to the centres – for gym, classes or usage of the steam room facilities. We seek your cooperation to respect the operational rules, even when you become a regular and all our staff recognize your friendly face!
  2. Class Booking: Please refer to our Class Booking page for details.
  3. Towel Services: Upon entry, each member/guest will receive 1 large (bath) towel and 1 small (sports) towel from the reception counter.

    As we believe in building a greener future, additional towels are chargeable at a nominal fee, as we hope to encourage reduction in excessive towel usage to contribute to sustainable city development.
  4. Locker Facilities: Members have complimentary use of lockers at our clubs. Whilst some of our clubs are equipped with digital lockers, some require physical locks.  For clubs with physical locks, members need to bring their own padlock in order to use of the lockers in our clubs. We recommend the use of sturdy padlocks between 32mm to 40mm in size. We also encourage the use of key locks instead of number-combination locks that can be more easily tampered with

B. Gym Etiquettes

  1. Seek advice, or just reaffirm: If you have doubts on using any equipment or setting up equipment in the gym, approach any of the personal trainers on duty. It is important to set up the equipment properly, and use it correctly to ensure your safety and of those around you.
  2. Wipe after use: For hygiene reasons, use a towel to wipe up the bench, mats, and equipment after you have used them. Alternatively, you may prefer to lay your own towel on top of the machine when you use it, but remember to still check and do a quick wipe after.
  3. Do not hold on to/reserve weights or machines: Remember to return weights that you are not using, do not accumulate several around you as you perform your weight reps. This also applies to machines and any other equipment - it is not acceptable to place your towel or water bottle to ‘reserve’ them. Remember to pick up your belongings (towel etc) if you are stretching in between reps, let someone use the machine before you return for your next set.
  4. Return all weights and place them in correct order after use: Do not leave your used weights on the floor or along the wall after use, as it is may become hazardous to cause another member to trip or fall. To be considerate to the next user, return the weights back to its original location and rack them in proper sequence/order.
  5. Treat your weights with care: Refrain from dropping or slamming weights down, even as we provide sufficient thick mat covering on the floor. Weights get damaged to become imbalance over time, or the weights could bounce and hurt yourself or someone near you.

C. Personal Protocol & Etiquettes

  1. Share your weights or machines when someone asks politely.
  2. Respond or get help if someone seems to be in trouble - whether trying to figure out how to use an equipment or are in need of "spotting".
  3. Deodorants are encouraged both before and after working out, to help keep unfriendly odour to a minimum. The use of perfume is not recommended as there are greater chances of sensitive or allergic reactions by other members.
  4. When you are ill or feeling unwell, do not work out. If you are having a flu or cold, other gym users might catch the virus. Plan your workout another day, as it is more important to get sufficient rest before exercise.
  5. Make use of locker facilities if you have a gym bag. Do not leave your personal belongings on the gym floor or against the wall. You may bring a small pouch to keep your workout essentials (e.g music player etc) along with you whilst you work out.
  6. As our centres are open to both male and female members, plan your attire carefully to respect others around you. Sportswear in comfortable fabrics are highly recommended. Restrictive attires such as denims are not recommended as it will hinder movement. Sandals are also prohibited as it does not provide sufficient support and expose your feet to risks of injury.
  7. Do not present inappropriate remarks and behavior in the centres or locker rooms. We seek your cooperation to create a neutral and friendly workout environment for everyone.

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