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Elaine Lee

Elaine Lee

True Fitness is where I saw results

My Personal Trainer, Joshua Cho of Great World City outlet, is my inspiration. Thanks to him, I’ve never had to drag myself to the gym and I always look forward to every training session.

Within a month after I started my fitness journey with True Fitness, I had amazing results. My friends and family have noticed a slimmer and healthier me too, and also gave me encouraging comments. Before joining True Fitness, I tried for the past 5 years to achieve my fitness goals with no significant results; I started my weight-loss endeavours with great enthusiasm, but the motivation fizzled out over the weeks.

This time, upon joining True Fitness, I was determined to do it right and am glad to have taken this step. I attribute my success to Joshua, who, as a dedicated trainer, worked alongside me to achieve my goals.

Training sessions with Joshua are never boring, and I find myself learning new things in every session. I could step out of my comfort zone and experience interesting workouts such as boxing, something I’ve never imagined doing, and also using functional tools like TRX and exercise bands.

I truly appreciate Joshua’s good effort and commitment to guide me on this journey. Thanks, Joshua! 


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