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Lena Lye

Lena Lye

I discovered another side of me

I would like to extend my appreciation to my Personal Trainer from HarbourFront Centre outlet. I have been training with True Fitness for around one and a half years and have undergone great transformation under my personal trainer's guidance and encouragement. I used to be grossly overweight at 83kg Now, not only am I at a healthy weight of 63 kg, I also have a nice and toned physique. I have never felt so fit before in my life.

This fitness journey has never been easy, however my personal trainer knows just how to motivate and push me beyond my perceived limits to see significant results. He is very strict and makes sure that I don't get lazy in my workouts. At the same time, his easy-going personality and humor are able to make me feel relaxed and have fun while I work hard in each training session.


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