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1-Vest™ Training

1Vest Training

Core Training
Multi directional movement

1Vest™  will change the way you work with existing equipment you use to train, opening up new possibilities for training programs in maximizing performance.

The 1Vest™ is an innovative training vest with sewn-in steel rings at strategic locations on the spine, waist, chest, and shoulders that clip-in to a variety of cable equipment creating tension as you exercise.

Resistance can be adjusted for an assisted workout for beginners or higher resistance for serious athletes. Vest sizes range from XS to XXXL to fit snugly to your torso for the weighted vest to be distributed over wide padded shoulders.

Going beyond conventional resistance machines and even free weights, 1Vest™ offers increased range of supported training movements that conventional resistance machines cannot provide - using cable motion technology along a single, dual or multiple axes. Then tensions from selectively clipped steel rings are applied at strategic points as you exercise. Your body compensates for the offset balance which engages multiple muscle groups, especially the core and stabilizers, into action. This accelerates muscle tone, coordination and athletic improvements that will take you to the next level!

1Vest™  is perfect if you are looking for exercises in stabilization training, multi-directional movement  (for leisure sports such as golf, tennis) and can also be used in spot training including resistance and assisted pull-ups and push-ups, lunges, step-ups, and squats, abdominal work, and more. The 1Vest™ is ideal for the individual trying to achieve a higher level of personal fitness, serious athletes in high-performance training situations, as well as rehabilitation and assisted living training needs.


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