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Cardio-Kickboxing Training

Cardio-Kickboxing Training


Cardio-kickboxing is an integration of kickboxing techniques and fitness concepts that keeps you on your toes with a great workout despite reducing the fight sparring element.

A popular choice of training for both men and ladies as both a stress reliever and fitness workout, cardio-kickboxing involves padwork and mastering the finer points of kickboxing through combinations and drills.

Combining hand-eye coordination, core control and cathartic moves, the exercises also improve speed, agility, reflexes and stamina.

On your feet through out and engaging all major muscles, this high-power, high-energy cardio routine will burn up to 900 calories in an hour to achieve weight loss and improved body strength.

Your personal trainer will create a workout at the training intensity level that suits your current fitness level, as cardio-kickboxing may be strenuous for someone who usually has a low level of activity, then the intensity will be raised as you progress and get stronger.

A pair of gloves or wraps may be needed if the training involves punching of heavy bags or speed bags. Contact your personal trainer beforehand to find out what your personalized training can entail.


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