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Core Training

Housed in True Fitness is the Queenax, the world's most unique functional and suspension training system. Functional training focuses on improving strength and endurance of the body as a whole as opposed to training different parts of the body in isolation, so that it becomes easier for you to perform daily activities and reduce your risk of injuries in daily life.

The Queenax is a multi-purpose and highly-versatile functional training system that combines many stations into one. It provides an immersive experience where you will constantly be entertained and motivated by the diversity of workouts. Before long, you will find yourself jumping, squatting, boxing, swinging, hanging, ladder climbing and more.

As equipment are centralised into one system, time is saved on running back and forth across the gym, maximising the duration of your workout. And with the ability to easily attach, remove and reconfigure Queenax training accessories such as the suspension training bars called Superfunctional™, punch bag, resistance band, and wall bar adaptor, you can switch quickly between circuit to group training scenarios. Best of all, the scalability of the workouts means that Queenax training can be adapted to suit exercisers with different fitness levels, making it the ideal platform to work out with your friends on.


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