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Synrgy360™ Workout Express

Synrgy360TM Workout Express

(Available at True Fitness Chevron House and Suntec City)
Interval circuit training
Express workout
Small group camaraderie

An explosive small group circuit program designed by True Fitness personal trainers, Synrgy360™Workout Express provides non-stop interval training that lets you hit all your fitness goals in 30 minutes.  Available in the evenings, the specialized training program is ideal for time-starved busy executives.

Synrgy360™ Workout Express provides a training program that challenges you on all levels - stamina, muscular endurance, flexibility, power and coordination – all at 1 training frame. Providing unlimited possibilities in the variety of exercises available, each session will be different and modified to suit your needs and goals.

The Synrgy360™ modular system is an “all-in-one” training frame combining total-body and dynamic exercises using innovative tools and techniques such as the TRX®, ViPR, cable station etc, so you can benefit from functional training techniques, resistance training methods, and dynamic strength workouts.

Constantly on your feet to keep the heart rate up, each circuit lap works out all major muscle groups since at least 2 muscle groups are trained simultaneously at every station. Increase stamina, coordination and stability in faster and more dynamic ways than going from a single equipment.

A maximum size of 12 participants each session, the numbers of trainers vary depending on the size of the group. At the maximum capacity of 12 participants, there will be 2 trainers running a session. In the small group setting, it is a great workout experience to have others around you all motivating one another. 30 minutes of Synrgy360™ Workout Express will be over before you know it, but you will not miss out how your body responds and improves at each station.


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