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TRX® Suspension Training®

TRX® Suspension Training®

Core Training
Muscle endurance
Multi directional movement

Developed to train US Navy Seals, TRX® Suspension Training® is a total body training program that builds power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility - suitable for all fitness levels.

Benefit from the same body-changing results that the elite military forces derive from this revolutionary method of exercise.

TRX® Suspension Training® essentially suspends your body against gravity, so your supporting arms or legs on the floor feel your full weight and engage more muscles as you workout.

TRX® Suspension Training®

By simply adjusting your body position and weight distribution on the TRX® to add or decrease resistance, you get in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise to achieve your personal best.

Do not underestimate this simple workout as no additional weights are needed to increase the intensity of this training. Just you, your body weight’s resistance and the TRX® Suspension Trainer will give your muscles an effective strength and endurance training that builds a rock-solid core. You can perform up to 300 different kinds of exercises according to your fitness needs, making it the perfect addition to challenge and add variety to traditional weight training.


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