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Fitness Chains Flex Their Muscles in Singapore

Health is a primary concern for individuals, and it is also the basis for many business opportunities. Vying for a slice of the local health market is Britian's flamboyant businessman, Richard Branson, who has announced that Singapore will be his fitness centre's first stop in Asia. Last year, an Indonesian gym franchise had also entered the Singapore market with two outlets at one go. With the increased competition from global players, many of the local gyms are making inroads into the heartland. How many more gyms can the local market take before it becomes saturated? Can consumers expect cheaper fees with the increased competition?

Grow Monster Quads

Target your anterior thigh muscles with  the seated leg extension.


Well-conditioned quadriceps act as shock absorbers that protect your knees, according to researchers at the University of Delaware in the US. The best exercise for beefing up this useful group of muscles is the seated leg extension. “This is because it trains the four muscles that make up your quadriceps.” says Wendy Cho, True Fitness master trainer.

Health Promotion Board’s Travel Free Scheme
Channel 8 – Frontline, JUNE 2013

With the recent launch of the HPB’s Travel Free Scheme, more Singaporeans are taking advantage of the free travel fares to come in early to the gyms to exercise. With a morning fitness regime, it is easier for an individual to stay consistent and committed to the workouts. This is because social appointments or fatigue from a long day often lead to skipped evening workouts, which can now be avoided. Morning exercises reduce the risk of something cropping up in the day that will replace exercise out of your schedule; assuring exercise does not have a chance of taking a backseat when schedules get hectic.