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Class Booking Rules

True Fitness Gym-Time Class Booking Rules & FAQs

[LATEST UPDATE, 14 March 2022] 

  • The booking of Gym-Time slots is no longer required from 15 March 2022. You may enter our clubs and work out at your preferred timings, without prior bookings.
  • Classes will be made available for booking 72 hours prior to class date.
  • You can make your class bookings via phone, in person at the centre reception, or via the App/Online Booking System.
  • To avoid any delays, do have your membership ID ready when making phone bookings.
  • You can make 2 CLASS bookings per day. Each booking can be made at a different club, subject to your membership type. i.e. you can make up to two (2) Class bookings at two (2) different clubs per day if you have a multi-club membership. 
  • You cannot make a  class booking at another club if the class starts within 1 hour after the first class ends. This rule will not apply if the booking is for the same club.


    For example, if you booked a class at HarbourFront Centre which ends at 1 pm, you will not be allowed to book another class starting at 1.30 pm at Great World City. If your second class is also at HarbourFront Centre, your booking will be allowed.

  • Online class booking will close 2 hours before class commences
  • From 1 March 2021, all class booking cancellations must be made 12 hours before the start of your booked session. Do cancel as early as you can so that others can get a slot.
  • Class bookings and cancellations will be available via the True App, telephoning the club or at club reception.
  • Vacancy available for online waiting list is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    • When a vacancy is available, an email will be sent to all members on the same online waiting list for that class. The first member who acknowledges the email will be given the slot.
    • No email will be sent to inform members that the said vacancy has been taken up.
    • Online waiting list will expire 2 hours before class commences. After which members may want to join the Walk-in Queue at the reception.
  • Please be present at the class location at least 5 minutes before the start of your class. Otherwise this will be considered as a No-Show and your slot will be given to someone on the waiting list.
  • You will only be allowed into a class with a valid class ticket.
  • Class ticket can be printed at the reception if you have a valid class booking. Class ticket can be printed at the reception 2.5 hour prior to the class commencement time.
  • Class ticket cannot be printed if a class has already commenced.
  • In the unfortunate event that you lose your class ticket, you can obtain a reprint at the reception. Reprinted ticket will have “Reprint” indicated on the class ticket.
  • Please ensure that you have collected the right ticket displaying your name and class details, especially during peak hours.
  • No members will be allowed into class once it has started.
  • No shadowing of classes outside the studios is allowed.
  • Members are reminded that they will be liable for a penalty fine of SGD$25 if they are absent from 3 of the classes they have booked. The company reserves the rights to cancel, change the class type or instructor without prior notice.

Class Booking Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I did not receive the login emails sent.
    The email address that you have provided when you sign up may be incorrect or may no longer be valid. Please approach our  Customer Service Officer at the reception to fill in a request form and we will send you your login details again to the correct email address.
  2. I want to change my email address.
    Please approach our Customer Service Officer at the reception to fill in a request form and we will send you your login details again to the correct email address.



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